Cowboy Tracks

Join Nancy around the campfire to hear heartfelt western music and cowboy poetry. Something deep in your soul will resonate to stories from the early wranglers, Mexican vaqueros, Hawaiian paniolos, Silver Screen buckaroos, rodeo riders, contemporary real cowboys, and all who appreciate wide open spaces, freedom, and the western lifestyle.


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Cowboy Tracks for 1:00pm on Dec 7th, 2018

“Fresh From the Festival, Part 3.”  This episode concludes our 3-part series of music and cowboy poetry from artists who performed in November at the International Western Music Association festival in Albuquerque,  New Mexico. Mary Kaye, the High Country Cowboys, Notable Exceptions and more than a dozen  artists on this episode!

Cowboy Tracks for 1:00pm on Nov 16th, 2018

“Fresh from the Festival, Part 1.”  Nancy is just back from the International Western Music Association’s festival in Albuquerque. She’ll play selections from the music and poetry she heard over 5 days. Today’s episode includes highlights from the Western Music Awards show, which is like the Grammys but for western artists. In the upcoming weeks, you can hear Parts 2 & 3 of “Fresh From the Festival” which will have music/poetry from many more artists who performed at the event. 

Cowboy Tracks for 1:00pm on Nov 2nd, 2018

“In the Saddle.” Today's show is named after the first song, "I Make My Livin' in the Saddle", but there are other saddle-time songs, such as Cricket Roll from Trinity Seely and Ride the Wind by Dawn Anita.  There are also a few cowboy poems by Mark Munzert and Al "Doc" Mehl and many other great western works that well represent the genre. There are sure to be some that tug on your heartstrings and others that will have you tapping your feet!

Cowboy Tracks for 1:00pm on Oct 12th, 2018

“Go West.” Today’s program is called “Go West” which is the title of a song on our playlist and is also a general descriptor for the songs to come. You’ll hear from the High Country Cowboys, The Cowboy Way, “V” the Gypsy Cowbelle, Donnie Poindexter, Adrian, Jean Prescott and many more. It’s all good music, so enjoy!

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Right now I'm listening to your Western Swing show and it's too wonderful, it's beyond super. It's even really swell. Thank you for this Swing salute. More Swing and more...

Wow, thank you! This was the first time I've done an all-western swing show. Now, I'm encouraged to do more!

Listened to this varied Cowboy time last Friday. There was Cowboy poetry, music, definitions of terms...yes, so much time has pasted we need to know what used to be common words that relate to Cowboy and The West. Tune in for a good time.

Thanks for listening and for your positive comments!

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