Cowboy Tracks

Join Nancy around the campfire to hear heartfelt western music and cowboy poetry. Something deep in your soul will resonate to stories from the early wranglers, Mexican vaqueros, Hawaiian paniolos, Silver Screen buckaroos, rodeo riders, contemporary real cowboys, and all who appreciate wide open spaces, freedom, and the western lifestyle.


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Cowboy Tracks for 1:00pm on Oct 13th, 2017

Route 66 Special!  Route 66 is known as America's Mother Road. As one of the first highways, it was the gateway to the west.  Dust Bowl migrants of Texas and Oklahoma in the 1930s and easterners in the 1940s relied on the road to take them to new lives in the west. In the 1950s, the highway was packed with station wagons of vacationing families headed for California.  Route 66 is a symbol of American freedom, opportunity, adventure and the promise of the open road. This week's program features western songs about Route 66, towns along the route, the call of the road and the travel spirit.

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Right now I'm listening to your Western Swing show and it's too wonderful, it's beyond super. It's even really swell. Thank you for this Swing salute. More Swing and more...

Wow, thank you! This was the first time I've done an all-western swing show. Now, I'm encouraged to do more!

Listened to this varied Cowboy time last Friday. There was Cowboy poetry, music, definitions of terms...yes, so much time has pasted we need to know what used to be common words that relate to Cowboy and The West. Tune in for a good time.

Thanks for listening and for your positive comments!

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