COVID-19 Community Report

In a time of physical distancing, access to local news and information is more important than ever. Join Host Autumn Labbe-Renault live at noon Tuesdays & Fridays from 12-12:30. On the air since March 17, 2020,  Autumn's been interviewing public health representatives, elected officials, community activists, nonprofit leaders, teachers and more for the past several weeks. The information, resources, and strategies around COVID-19 are ever changing, and hearing from decision makers and community members in this moment is powerful. These shows are rebroadcast on Tuesdays and Fridays at 5 pm, and Sundays at noon.  Autumn is executive director of Davis Media Access and is currently focusing some of her work time on documenting the effects of the pandemic here in Yolo County, using radio and video archives.

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COVID-19 Community Report June 30, 2020

You can know someone for a while, and still not understand their depth and brilliance, or their contributions to the world.

I had the pleasure today of interviewing Dr. Koen Van Rompay, whom I first met many years ago when he attended a meeting of Soroptimist International of Davis to talk about his work with Sahaya International. Over time I learned about his groundbreaking work helping to develop and test the anti-viral drug Tenofovir, used in the prevention and treatment of  HIV. He is a virologist at the California National Primate Research Center at UC Davis, with expertise in nonhuman primate models of viral infections, and is currently working toward a vaccine for coronavirus.

COVID-19 Community Report Episode 25: Wherein I Turn the Tables - June 23, 2020

I got to turn the tables on some wonderful folks today, all while learning about the impacts of COVID-19 on their community involvement and professional work.

Guests Lois Richter and Don Shor are very familiar with speaking on the radio as the co-hosts of the "Davis Garden Show," which they've produced together for 15 years (Live on KDRT Thursdays at Noon PST). Today, they reversed their roles from "host to guest" and spoke about how they've been spending their time and creating their shows  during the last 100 days of Shelter in Place (they are some of the KDRT hosts who have incorporated a variety of tools in order to record their shows from home). Don is also the owner of Redwood Barn Nursery, and talked about his experiences there.

COVID-19 Community Report Episode 24: Talking Public Health and Reopening in Yolo County, and Then Some Poetry on June 16, 2020

With reopening and its attendant risks firmly in mind, we take a deep dive into public health again with Dr. Mary Ann Limbos of Yolo County Public Health.  Then we hear from a doctor of a different sort, Dr. Andy Jones, who has taught writing classes at UC Davis since 1990.

With Dr. Mary Ann Limbos we ask what kinds of numbers are we seeing statewide, and here in Yolo County? What kinds of metrics does the County keep a close eye on, and what would be the tipping point for closing down again? In a difficult situation during an unprecedented time, Dr. Limbos is our foremost source of information here in Yolo County.

COVID-19 Community Report for Episode 23: Honoring George Floyd + Don Saylor and Dawn Myers - June 9, 2020

Episode 23 (June 9, 2020) began with a brief message honoring the life of George Floyd on the day of his funeral. More than 165 community stations across the country aired the tribute, which followed Sam Cooke's iconic song "A Change is Gonna Come." The effort was organized by the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, of which KDRT is a member. Following that, guests included Yolo County Supervisor for District 2 Don Saylor, and Yolo Adult Day Health Center Program Director Dawn Myers.

COVID-19 Community Report Episode 22: Updates from DJUSD with Dr. Cindy Pickett and Immigrant Advocacy with Anoosh Jorjorian - June 2, 2020

On Episode 22, we're joined by Dr. Cindy Pickett to talk about how the Davis school district and families, faculty, and its administration have weathered the past few months. We will also speak with Anoosh Jorjorian, a project coordinator with the Yolo Interfaith Immigration Network -- a group serving and advocating for immigrants in Yolo County.

For three years, Dr. Pickett has served as the associate vice provost for Faculty Equity and Inclusion at UC Davis, and has been a faculty member in the Department of Psychology. She also serves as the president of the Davis Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees. In its planning for fall classes, the district is focusing on strategies that can be flexible and can move back and forth between in-person learning and online teaching, depending on guidelines provided by a variety of state agencies and Yolo County. Click here to view upcoming and past school board meetings via, and to provide public comments for the meeting, email

Back in April, I interviewed then-YIIN President David Lichtenhan about their ApoYolo Project. Today, Anoosh Jorjorian joins me to talk about the project's milestones and current needs. They need bilingual volunteers to work directly with families in Davis, and can also use general volunteers to help with administrative and social media work (they do not need to be bilingual). Here's where you can sign up to volunteer.

Contact them via their website for information at

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COVID-19 Community Report Episode 21: Interviews with Ryan Collins Coordinating Homeless Services and Davis Enterprise Editor Sebastian Onate -May 26th, 2020

In Episode 21 we speak with Ryan Collins, City of Davis' Homeless Outreach Services Coordinator and with Sebatian Onate, editor of the Davis Enterprise.  Both are involved with very essential services and face unique challenges during the conoravirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Community Report Episode 20: Speaking with UC Davis One Health Institute's Dr. Jonna Mazet - UCD Research Tackling Global Infectious Disease Challenges

In Episode 20 we talk with Dr. Jonna Mazet and gain an insightful peek into the world of #virushunters. Mazet is an epidemiologist and Executive Director of the University of California, Davis One Health Institute. She is a professor of Epidemiology and Disease Ecology at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, where she focuses on global health problem solving, especially for emerging infectious disease and conservation challenges. Mazet is a leader in the field of One Health and is active in international research programs, most notably in relation to disease transmission among wildlife, domestic animals, and people and the ecological drivers of disease emergence.

COVID-19 Community Report Episode 19: Speaking with Anne-Marie Flynn of Mutual Housing CA and Gina Daleiden from First 5 Yolo

Episode 19 of the COVID-19 Report highlights the work of two local nonprofit/community leader rock stars - Anne-Marie Flynn, Outreach Development Coordinator for Mutual Housing California, and Gina Daleiden, Executive Director of First 5 Yolo. Both organizations serve important roles working with very specific  communities within Yolo County. Both work with a variety of community partners, and each had to do a hard pivot to meet need during this unprecedented time. 

COVID-19 Community Report Episode 18: A Visit with County Supervisor Gary Sandy and Wendi Counta from Progress Ranch - May 15, 2020

On Episode 18, we talk with Gary Sandy, Yolo County Supervisor for District 3, and chair of the Board of Supervisors. We also hear from Wendi Counta, Executive Director of Progress Ranch, which operates two group homes for boys here in Davis. We'll learn  how they are weathering the storm, and also ways the community can help the carry out their mission. Supervisor Sandy talked a bit about the importance of testing and contact tracing as an integral part of the County's longterm strategy for progressing through the stages of re-opening. Training for contact tracing continues. The discussion also addressed how the City of Woodland was doing and highlighted the large percentage of "Mom and Pop" businesses that keep Woodland vibrant, and how difficult the last two months have been, while so many are working hard to re-invent the way they provide services.

COVID-19 Community Report Episode 17: Talking with Davis City Councilmember Dan Carson - May 12, 2020

It's no secret that municipalities will be among those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, as revenues from several major sources dry up or slow to a trickle. My guest on Tuesday's show is Davis City Councilmember Dan Carson. Elected to the Council in 2018 and currently serving his first term, Dan ran on a platform of being real about finances and financial realities. We talk about the challenges the City faces, and get his insights into the process.  For more information the City of Davis has launched a new webpage regarding COVID-19 related responses and conditions. The show airs live at noon on KDRT 95.7 FM and #communityradio #communitymedia #municipalfinance #lifeinthetimeofcovid #DavisCA #YoloCounty

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