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A program aimed at Davis kids and teens from elementary to high school featuring music, books, poems, puzzles, interviews, and current events.


East Coast Trip (P.2): Montreal and Leo Holton

Canada: home to maple syrup, hockey, and Leo Holton. Leo is 15 and lives in Ottowa, Ontario. In this show he talks about life in Canada, Canadian geography, and why Canadians are so nice. He also plays one half of a piano duet! Leo and I met during a chance encounter in Montpelier, Vermont and met up a few days later in Montreal, Quebec during the 2015 IAMCR (International Association for Media and Communication Research) conference. This show also includes music from Canadian bands Simple Plan (from Montreal) and Sum 41 (from Ajax, Ontario). In other news the APMAs (Alternative Press Music Awards) were July 22. A video of the full show is available here.

East Coast Trip (p.1): NY and Griff Honsinger

The first new show in almost a month! This show features an interview with musician and New York resident Griff Honsinger on music and bands. Griff also talks about his job at Viacom and the many bands he's been in including Death to Slater, The Jims, Pedico, and Aahhhh. This show includes a cover of the Powerpuff Girls Song "Love Makes the World Go Round" by The Jims in which Griff plays bass and "Go Wild" by Wolf and the Wolves in which he plays guitar.

Summer Is Here!

School is OUT! Congratulations to all gratuating seniors! For those of us stuck in Davis for a few more years there are a lot of things going on this summer! Acme Theatre Company is hosting a summer writing program called The Food & Fairy Tales Project in which participants will create a collection of fairy tales the company will perform next season! This event is a collaboration with playwright Brian Oglesby. Going to movies is also an easy way to get out of the house in summer. Spy and Jurassic World are just the start of this summer's new releases. In Spy Melissa McCarthy plays a CIA agent who has spent her whole career behind a desk but goes into the field in her first undercover mission. In Jurassic World, the latest installment in the Jurassic park series, seeing animals that were once extinct walk around as they had millions of years ago has become commonplace.

Rocket Radio for 5pm on May 12th, 2015

Acme Theatre Company's spring show, The Heart of Robin Hood, is memorial day weekend! Performances are at the Davis Arts Center Outdoor Stage and start at 7pm Friday-Monday! The show is completely free so bring warm clothes and a blanket and enjoy a spectacular show filled with adventure, romance, and amazing fights! In other news the Davis Pride festival was a couple of weeks ago and Whole Earth was last weekend, both of which featured the Sacramento-born beatboxing sensation Butterscotch. Some great words: defenestrate, somnambulist, poetaster.

Rocket Radio for 5pm on Apr 21st, 2015

This broadcast of Rocket Radio is hosted by Penelope! This show includes some reading from Wringer by Jerry Spinelli, a story about a young boy growing up in a town where 10-year olds wring pigeons necks in a horrendous annual festival. Penelope also plays a clip from Firesign Theatre entitled Nick Danger. 


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Well Done Rocket

I got to listen to your interview with Zack. Fun and interesting. Your show is really well done. Thanks Rocket!
Joel in Auburn

a little frustrating

i want to listen now andi can't figure out how to tune in... i'm sure i'll get it though..

Great broadcast with you and your Guesthost!

Hey Rocket! You did a great job once again. Let us know when you want call-ins. I know five of us in Chicago will be happy to call you with questions and jokes!

Hey Rocket, I'm David's

Hey Rocket, I'm David's neighbor and a HUGE fan. I love your show. David wants to be the co-host and as his friend, I would like to be his co-host. If you want to Have a co-co-host, I would like to be first on the list.

Willow J.

Hey Rocket, I think your

Hey Rocket, I think your show could be a lot better with a co-host. I'm not kidding! Anyway if you "come to your senses" about the co-host thing could I be first in line?

David G.


Nice show, Rocket! I liked the interviews. My mom liked the Tom Lehrer song and They Might Be Giants.

Owen P.

Great show!! Drew and Brenna

Great show!! Drew and Brenna loved the interview with their cousin Liana...and danced to Crocodile Rock!

Good for you!

Can't wait to listen!

Love, your biggest fan (AKA: Jessica the babysitter)

Rocket Radio

Show will begin on April 6th!


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