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Rocket Radio is a show aimed at Davis youth of all ages, from elementary to high school. DJ Rocket features music, poems, books, interviews, and current events, all while maintaining a young perspective.

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Colin French AKA tissuefingers

Colin French, a recent Da Vinci High School graduate is here on KDRT to give an exclusive interview to talk about high school, life, and his latest and greatest musical endeavor: tissuefingers and the impending album, Anklebiter. Colin fosters his enormous cult following through a subtle blend of dark humor, brutal honesty, and on point music taste. In this show Colin gives his history with making music, his hopes for this latest process, and his progression from Steinbeck's Skeleton (his previous band) to tissuefingers. This latest project is more of a solo work but Colin is still actively seeking out collaborators among his friends to find musicians to feature. As his tastes in music and inspirations branch out, so too do his lyrics and listeners anticipate him dropping some fire bars on these upcoming tracks. 

Finals Week

Welcome to finals week, summer is mere days away. Having just taken his chemistry final, Rocket reads about the evolution of the theory of continental drift from the book "Scientific Feuds: From Galileo to the Human Genome Project" by Joel Levy. Rocket also mentions the rallies that Bernie Sanders hosted in Davis and Hillary Clinton hosted in Davis this past week. Featured for the first time on Rocket Radio is "Tell Me This Isn't Happening: Real Kids Tell the True Stories of Their Most Embarrassing Moments" by Robynn Clairday and the very first story, "Making Waves". The show starts with the song "Standing on the Edge of Summer" by Thursday because we are standing on the edge of summer. The show also includes "Uprising" by Muse which was featured heavily at the Bernie rally, "Kind of Anything" by Beartooth from their brand-new album, Aggressive, and "Rocket Man" by Elton John in reference to a recent musical English project at school and dedicated to Ms. Hamrick at DHS.


Performances of Acme Theatre's Scapino were last Memorial Day weekend (May 27-30).  Rocket talks about the show (shoutout to everyone working on striking the set) as well as the upcoming summer show, the Madwoman of Chaillot. Rocket also reads a review of the show written by Bev Sykes in the Davis Enterprise. Rocket mentions Academic Decathalon's Trivia Night coming up this Friday, June 3. Rocket reads jokes from 1001 More Cool Jokes with Glen Singleton, courtesy of Maya Krishnan. This includes such gems as: "What is white, lives in the Himalayas and lays eggs? The Abominable Snow Chicken!!!"

Mark Wood Concert

This past weekend, Mark Wood, an electric violinist, performed with Orchestras and Choirs from throughout the school system. Rocket talks about the concert experience as well as getting to play the electric violin for a Stevie Wonder compilation piece with the DHS Chamber Orchestra. Acme Theatre Company's spring show, Scapino, is Memorial Day Weekend (May 17-30). The comedy promise to be fast-paced and hilarious and every show is outdoors. Following this show, Acme Theatre will begin the rehearsal process for the summer show, The Madwoman of Chaillot—all graduating 8th graders and above are encouraged to audition or get involved. Rocket also reads "The Last Night of the World", a short story from The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury.

Steinbeck's Skeleton's Last Song

Two weekends ago, Rocket's band Steinbeck's Skeleton released their last song, Pillhead, having already been broken up for a couple weeks. The song is available on soundcloud and bandcamp. Rocket plays the song and talks about why being in a band is really cool and a great opportunity become a better musician. On a similar note (no pun intended) Rocket talks about the upcoming Mark Wood concert at DHS featuring choirs and orchestras from around Davis. Mark Wood is a famous electric violinist who is bringing his whole band along to give an authentic rock and roll concert experience to DJUSD students and concert attendees this Saturday.

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Great shows, thank you so much :)



       One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.


Great show!! Drew and Brenna loved the interview with their cousin Liana  i love you

I got to listen to your interview with Zack. Fun and interesting. Your show is really well done. Thanks Rocket!
Joel in Auburn

i want to listen now andi can't figure out how to tune in... i'm sure i'll get it though..

Hey Rocket! You did a great job once again. Let us know when you want call-ins. I know five of us in Chicago will be happy to call you with questions and jokes!

Hey Rocket, I'm David's neighbor and a HUGE fan. I love your show. David wants to be the co-host and as his friend, I would like to be his co-host. If you want to Have a co-co-host, I would like to be first on the list.

Willow J.

Hey Rocket, I think your show could be a lot better with a co-host. I'm not kidding! Anyway if you "come to your senses" about the co-host thing could I be first in line?

David G.

Nice show, Rocket! I liked the interviews. My mom liked the Tom Lehrer song and They Might Be Giants.

Owen P.

Great show!! Drew and Brenna loved the interview with their cousin Liana...and danced to Crocodile Rock!

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