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Rocket Radio is a show aimed at Davis youth of all ages, from elementary to high school. DJ Rocket features music, poems, books, interviews, and current events, all while maintaining a young perspective.


Santa Cruz and Fire Katehi

Rocket talks about his trip to Santa Cruz last weekend and how the Santa Cruz school system is weird. There's also an update about last week's Speech and Debate showcase and Day of Silence. Day of Silence is a national student-led event organized by GLSEN to raise awareness about LGBT issues. Students around the country pledge their silence to symbolize the silencing the LGBT community suffers from harassment and discrimination. This year the DHS Gay-Straight Alliance had 87 participants. In other news the Fire Katehi protesters left her building this week but are by no means done. They released their exit statement which Rocket reads. Rocekt also reads some of "Kaleidescope", a short story from The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury.

Speech and Debate Showcase, Ashland, and Every 15 Minutes

Tonight is the DHS Speech and Debate Team's annual showcase from 7-9 at the Brunelle Theatre, tickets are $5 at the door. The showcase will feature an assortment of speeches including original and imporvised material. The Showcase will also include a public forum debate on whether or not pushng back school start times would be beneficial to DJUSD students. There is also a silent auction. Two weekends ago Acme Theatre Company went to Ashland to see the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Rocket talks about the different shows the company saw: Yeomen of the Guard, River Bride, and Vietgone. Rocket also talks about the recent Every 15 Minutes Program he participated in at the high school in which the administration simulated a drunk driving accident between students on Oak Street. This show also includes a minute of absolute silence to prepare for Day of Silence this Friday.

DHS Orchestra Disneyland Trip

In this show Rocket talks in depth about the Disneyland field trip the Davis High orchestras went on at the start of spring break. Rocket plays violin in the DHS Chamber Orchestra, one of the three orchestras at the school. Over the course of this four-day trip, students played (and won!) in a competition, stayed in a hotel in Anaheim, and got to record orchestral soundtracks to Disney films, as well as go on lots of rides in the park! Rocket talks about rides like The Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, Hyperspace Mountain, Soaring Over California, California Screaming, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Grizzly River Run, and the Matterhorn. This show kicks off with Hakuna Matata from Disney's The Lion King, then I'm in Love by Dani Kerry (an artist from the Disney awards ceremony), and ends with So Long Goodbye by Sum 41 (a band on the recently released Warped Tour Lineup).

Wennberg and WWI

In this show Rocket talks about Da Vinci's World War One Night, the Davisville movie premiere, and Acme Theatre Company's spring show Scapino, as well as their current acting workshop. Rocket also talks about the twentieth anniversary of the Wennberg Music Festival. Rocket also talks a little about the current campaign to get UCD Chancellor Linda Katehi fired and reads a statement by students occupying her building. Rocket mentions the orchestra program Disneyland trip that happens in a couple days, pi day, and daylight savings.

Super Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday! Rocket talks about World War One night coming up at Da Vinci High School, auditions for Acme's spring show, Scapino, and the upcoming Wennberg Concert at the Mondavi Center. Rocket gives the Words of the Week including "bissextile year" or a leap year (yesterday was February 29). Rocket talks about the debate tournament he went to on friday and the various debate topics including whether or not the United States Federal Government should stop subsidizing corn. In honor of Super Tuesday, Rocket reads Duck for President. Music for this show includes My War by Black Flag (WWI), All the Small Things by Blink-182 (Pop-Punk for Jamie), and Dear Mr. President by P!nk.

AP World Tour 2016

Rocket talks about the concert he went to last night with Like Pacific, Knuckle Puck, State Champs, and Neck Deep. He talks about the couple that got engaged during the Neck Deep set, the pick he found after the show, and biting his tongue at the show. He gives the Words of the Week which include Paranomasia (puns). Rocket then tells a really, really, really bad pun he came up with. Rocket also introduces a new book to the show: The Psychology Book. It's part of the same series as The Philosophy Book which has been featured on the show many times. The Psychology Book's entrance is timely because Rocket's English class is just starting to discuss Freud in the context of The Lord of the Flies. Because of the concert, all the music on this show is State Champs. Songs include All You Are Is History, Simple Existence, and Secrets.

Interview with Max the Dog


Max chilling in the studio.

This show features an exclusive first-time interview with Rocket's dog Max. Max sings a sonorous melody to harmonica accompanyment. Rocket talks about Jilly Foster, a DHS ski team member who recently suffered a severe skiing accident. Her story and donation information is available here. Rocket introduces a new segment to the show called Words of the Week in which he reads words from those word-a-day calendars. Rocket recently uncovered some narrative poetry he wrote in seventh grade for his English class. It's called "The Dragon's Lair" and it's hilarious. At the end of the show Rocket pulls out the Shel Silverstein and reads some poems from Falling Up. In preparation for the Alternative Press World Tour 2016 show coming up next week in Sacramento, this show features music exclusively by Neck Deep. Songs include Gold Steps, December, and A Part of Me.

Animal Farm

In this show, Rocket talks about the in-class debate he did on animal farm for English class. The debate was "Resolved: On balance, Animal Farm by George Orwell supports communism" and Rocket reads his case. Rocket also finally gives the anser to last weeks riddle about the poisoned apple. Rocket also reads a couple secitions from the book "Puzzle Math" for his upcoming math test. Music for this show includes Serpents by Neck Deep whom Rocket will see later this month, King of the World by Weezer from the soon-to-be-released White Album, and All I Need by Awolnation. King of the World is dedicated to Jilllian Foster who's a Weezer fan and recently suffered a ski accident

I Gelosi Run-Down

Acme's winter show, I Gelosi, wrapped up last weekend and Rocket talks about the play. In the show, Revenge is a huge theme so asome of the songs in this show are revenge-related. Rocket also birefly talks about Ame's spring show, Scapino, and Holmes' production of Taming of the Shrew. Rocket also talks about The Boy, a new horror movie about a nanny who is hired to look after a life-size doll. Rocket also talks about school elections, orchestra seating auditions, and Animal Farm. Having just finished Animal Farm in class, Rocket plays "The Nature of the Beast" by ICE NINE KILLS from the new album Every Trick in the Book in which every song is inspired by a literary classic (this song relates to Animal Farm). Rocket also proposes a riddle and promptly forgets to tell the answer (tune in next week to hear it). Rocket reads some of the first chapter of Animal Farm.


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       One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.


Great show!! Drew and Brenna

Great show!! Drew and Brenna loved the interview with their cousin Liana  i love you

Well Done Rocket

I got to listen to your interview with Zack. Fun and interesting. Your show is really well done. Thanks Rocket!
Joel in Auburn

a little frustrating

i want to listen now andi can't figure out how to tune in... i'm sure i'll get it though..

Great broadcast with you and your Guesthost!

Hey Rocket! You did a great job once again. Let us know when you want call-ins. I know five of us in Chicago will be happy to call you with questions and jokes!

Hey Rocket, I'm David's

Hey Rocket, I'm David's neighbor and a HUGE fan. I love your show. David wants to be the co-host and as his friend, I would like to be his co-host. If you want to Have a co-co-host, I would like to be first on the list.

Willow J.

Hey Rocket, I think your

Hey Rocket, I think your show could be a lot better with a co-host. I'm not kidding! Anyway if you "come to your senses" about the co-host thing could I be first in line?

David G.


Nice show, Rocket! I liked the interviews. My mom liked the Tom Lehrer song and They Might Be Giants.

Owen P.

Great show!! Drew and Brenna

Great show!! Drew and Brenna loved the interview with their cousin Liana...and danced to Crocodile Rock!


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