Listening Lyrics Nov 1, 2013, 2013 with the SUNMONKS

Lets start November with some very special talent. Listening Lyrics is excited to spend an hour with the SUNMOMKS.
California's §µn∑ønk§ combine brass-flourished world rhythms and tight nit lyrical harmonies.

Ludwig and Piper Sweet starting performing as SunMonks in late 2012 as a way to get people to dance. They are currently recording a collection of songs and performing on the west coast.


Busy and often tribal-sounding rhythms underpin weaving lyrical harmonies. Sewing together elements of many genres, the §µn∑ønk§' sound is in constant evolution. Utilizing loop pedals, as well as Ludwig's skill as a multi-instrumentalist and Piper's beautiful lung capacity, §µn∑ønk§ create hypnotic movements with brass, woodwind and vocals that serve as the backbone to lyrically busy and tight-nit melodies and harmonies.


Visit the SUNMONKS online at


I heard this group last month at the naked lounge and they're terrific! 

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