Listening Lyrics Jan 24th, 2014 with WELLS

A duo not to be missed - Two Great talents
We are Wells, the singer-songwriter duo of Aaron Matthew and Kathryn Grace.

Aaron is originally from southern California, plays guitar, piano, bass, drums and ukulele, and released his first full-length album in early 2013. He secretly and inexplicably loves writing and listening to country music. 

Kathryn is a Montana native and is married with a newborn daughter. She plays the guitar and piano and recorded her debut album in Nashville in 2009.


Wells is a singer-songwriter duo with a passion to write and release songs from the depths of who we are, where our Living Water resides. The name "Wells" was chosen as a tribute to the fact that we are all deep, deep wells of creativity and life, and the deeper we dig, the more there is to find and release.

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I'm a BIG fan of Wells! Truly their unique sound and amazing lyrics come from the depths. Thanks for airing their music!

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