Listening Lyrics - with the extraordinary Michael Ellis - Friday May 10, 2013


Michael Ellis was first acknowledged as a poet when he was 17. He was published twice before he reached 19. He was immediately compared to Harlem Renaissance poet, Langston Hughes, a measure he neither embraced or denied. Stil his ability to write in Southern dialect at a young age quickly garnered attention from the University of Puget Sound where he pursued English and Journalism.

In later years he would open up a concert for a Grammy winning musician and receive three letters from Pulitzer Prize winner. His poetic novel, Dear Oprah, was accepted by the Hurston Wright foundation and he was invited to Howard University where he performed his work before a large audience. He has done more than a hundred poetry readings in California.

Ellis is currently writing a book titled, Goodbye Langston, which will be published this year. He writes in ten different poetry Genres including Jazz, Historical fiction, Essay and the blues.

His favorite poets include Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost. He is both a poet and a dramatist. He is currently a noted member of The Next Big Writer where he has achieved many successes.



Pieter, I thoroughly enjoyed your having Michael Ellis on Listening Lyrics last Friday afternoon. It was obvious to me how well you do your homework before an interview, and I appreciated the thought you put into the music you selected as well as the music. I especially liked the Joe Cocker version of "Cry me a River". I also liked the easy repartee between you and your co-host whom I have since learned is your wife. Very nice. All in all, a very enjoyable way to kick back and enjoy an hour on a Friday afternoon. I am thrilled that Michael is getting some well deserved attention for his work. I became an immediate fan of his after reading "Jazz Legends" which I randomly selected from a list of his poems. We have become friends over the years, and my admiration for him as a person has grown along with my high regard for his work. Michael is a natural born story-teller, and his penchant for being able to make me laugh and then cry within a few well written lines keeps me coming back for more! Thanks to Michael, this Southerner from the mountains of Western North Carolina will be spending many more Friday afternoons listening to Listening Lyrics on KDRT.

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