Happy Birthday Bernard Herrmann on Gary Chew: 3rd Streaming - Friday 6/24 at 3PM

Bernard Herrmann would be 105 years old this June 29th.  He composed the music for “Psycho.” But Gary Chew, who hosts and programs Third Streaming, will give as good a taste in motion picture music as Herrmann's “Psycho” score with Bernie's earlier work for the 1966 film “Fahrenheit 451.” That's Ray Bradbury’s dark, futuristic tale that lets you know at what temperature the pages of library books burst into flames. Gary has also placed a classical/jazz reading into his Friday mix that comes from Leo Delibes’ opera “Lakmé.” Gary Burton and Makoto Ozone perform. The rest of the program is taken up with the smooth, luxurious sounds of bossa nova. Bireli Legrene’s guitar leads off the set; following is the late, great jazz singer Susannah McCorkle's recording of Jobim's “Outra Vez.”  Violinist Aaron Weinstein closes with giving undivided attention to Luis Bonfa’s “Samba de Orpheu.”  Your ear deserves it.


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