Civilization Phaze IV - Tuesday 9/30/2014 at 2:00pm

This week on Civilization Phaze IV:

Your host Eunah will have a guest musician in the studio - classical bass player Miles Tsue - who will share a couple of his favorite jams, some of his own mad bass-playing skills (hopefully his GIANT bass can fit in our darling little KDRT studio), as well as his thoughts on his future prospects as a young classical musician with big dreams.  

Here's Miles at his Junior Recital last year at CSU Sacramento where he is currently pursuing a BM in Bass Performance - the piece is a Bass transcription of "Arpeggione" by Franz Schubert:

Here's Miles (and fellow bassist Vincent Antolini) performing a NEW music composition by Sacramento-area composer Cole Cuchna - the piece is for mixed media + 2 basses, entitled "a place 4 higher beings":

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