That's a Hawaiian Surprise

Na Leo produced a CD for a tourist company to sell in Japan.  After they were done, fans in Hawaii asked if they would also do those songs for the hometown crowd, so they created "I Miss You My Hawai" for the locals -- which is where Lois found it.  These sentimental songs about living in, visiting, or leaving the Hawaiian Islands are written by many well-known island artists and skillfully rendered by this trio of lovely-voiced ladies.  Enjoy!

We also had time for a few songs by Ken Emerson and Jim 'Kimo' West from their "Slackers in Paradise" CD of instrumental guitar duets. (There will be more on a later show.)

PS: The first few songs from the Na Leo CD were in my show the previous week (09/27/2018) -- about 35 minutes into that show with Marissa Juehler -- at  .

PPS: Today's show was much different than planned because my scheduled guest didn't call in.  (I later reached his DC office and found that they had the interview down for a different day. ) Sorry about the mix-up; I'll try again later.

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