That's the Yolo County Landfill

Marissa Juehler's actual title is "Waste Reduction and Sustainability Manager" for Yolo County.  Her office is at the Yolo County Landfill (NE of Davis) and she is, among other things, managing the Big Blue Barn!   She tells us about the hazardous waste facility out there where you can drop off light bulbs and batteries, old paint and pesticides, and any other hazardous material.  They ALSO have a pick-up service for seniors (over 65) and disabled folks  anywhere in the county who want to properly dispose of such items but cannot get to the landfill on their own. They can even take old medications -- or you can drop those off at a kiosk at the Police Station (on Fifth).

Marissa and Lois really get into waste this week!  Storm water, waste water, ceptic tanks, porta-potty -- different routes for different 'effluent' systems.  A fascinating discussion (especially if you are 10 years old or an ecology buff!)  

Did you know that birth control drugs stay in the water even after it is treated and filtered and everything?  Check out a Seattle study looking at why fish stopped reproducing in areas near a discharge site.

GOOD NEWS! Any liquid that is still useable (paint, cleaners, auto supplies, etc.) is NOT dumped in the landfill.  Instead each can is checked and put onto shelves in the Paint Closet so that folks can come and pick it up -- open Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30-3:30 (same as the hazardous waste drop-off).

(After about a half hour, Marissa  had to leave and Lois finished up by playing some of Na Leo's "I'll Miss You My Hawaii".)

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