Thai, froyo, Sac connections: Davisville looks at the Davis restaurant scene

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Why does Davis have so many Thai restaurants? Why does it have so many restaurants, period? Mark Anderson (pictured) helps explain these and other apparent puzzles of the local restaurant business on today’s Davisville. Anderson has been a reporter since the mid-1990s for the Sacramento Business Journal, where he writes about areas of the regional economy ranging from banking and venture capital to tourism and hospitality--and restaurants. On Davisville, he discusses elements common to such food trends as Thai, frozen yogurt and bagels (appealing, and hard to make at home); why public inspections help independent restaurants (you no longer need a recognized brand to assure cleanliness); and the connection between Davis and Sacramento restaurants. Many Sacramento restaurants are opening locations in Davis, but as Anderson points out, many restaurants that started in Davis have also expanded to Sacramento.


I've been wondering the same thing. What a great show topic! Thanks Bill!

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