Barry Melton, Yolo attorney and veteran of Monterey Pop, visits Davisville

We cover a lot of ground in Davisville this time out. That’s no surprise, considering how much territory guest Barry Melton has covered over the years, and how easily he talks about it on this week’s show. In Davis, there are two main reasons you would have heard of Melton: he’s an attorney who spent 10 years as Yolo County public defender, and he’s an accomplished musician who, when he was still a teenager, co-founded Country Joe and the Fish as the lead guitarist. He continues to play, and on Oct. 20 he’ll perform at the Odd Fellows Hall in a benefit for Habitat for Humanity. On Davisville he talks about his careers, what they share (trying a case in court and playing onstage are both performances), how he came to live in Yolo County from the Bay Area, the differences between Monterey Pop and Woodstock (he played the first in 1967 and the second in 1969) – and the band he’ll play with Oct. 20 in Davis. They’re an accomplished lineup themselves: Peter Albin, Roy Blumenfeld, Austin DeLone and Mike Hinton.

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