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Merrie Monarch Hula Festival Apr 12th, 2012

"Hula is the language of the heart, and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people." David Kalakaua, King of Hawaii, 1874 to 1891.
This week explore various chants and songs that are associated with hula, in anticipation of this weekend's Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo. The festival is a celebration of all things of Hawaiian culture, in honor of King Kalakaua, the Merrie Monarch, but the 3-day hula competition that ends the week has become the highlight of the festival. A dozen women compete in solo performances of both hula kahiko (ancient style hula) and hula auana (modern hula) to garner the title of "Miss Aloha." Then groups of male and groups of female dancers from different halaus (schools) perform both kahiko and auana. The week ends with the naming of the overall winning halau, but everyone who participates is honored to share their hula with aloha.

E 'aka! Let's laugh! Mar 29th, 2012

Hawaiian comedians have a way of turning everyday experiences on the islands into grand hilarity or at least something that brings a belly laugh of familiarity. Today we sample some of the greats: the prolific (and profane) Frank De Lima, the genius Rap Reiplinger, and step off island a little to visit with the Laughing Samoans. In between, we have music that is meant to make you smile. E 'aka!

The Sweet Sounds of Kika Kila - Hawaiian Steel Guitar Mar 22nd, 2012

Call this one "History of Steel Guitar 1a." We start off with early members of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Hall of Fame: David Napihi Burrows, Annie Kerr, Jules Ah See and the King of Steel Guitar, Sol Hoopii. Then we swing through Gabby and sons (and Sons... of Hawai'i, that is) to more contemporary players like Ken Emerson, Henry K. Allen and George Kuo. All along the way we'll be swayed and thrilled and lofted and seduced by the sweet sound of kika kila - the steel guitar - perhaps the most widely adopted invention of the Hawaiian Islands.

A Don Ho Redux Mar 15th, 2012

A while back, a friend asked me for some Hawaiian music, and I asked what she liked. We figured out that "that guy, you know, who does all the Hawaiian music" was actually Don Ho. In an effort to provide my friend with some beloved favorite tunes while expanding her knowledge of other Hawaiian artists, I recreated the playlist from the original Don Ho album, "Tiny Bubbles," but replaced Don's smooth crooning with a variety of Hawaiian musicians. See if you like who I chose. And keep the bubbles coming!

A Musical Visit to Moloka'i

Today's show takes us to the small island with the big heart - Moloka'i. We hear the aloha for the island in the voices and music of George Kahumoku, Raiatea Helm, Ka'au Crater Boys, Dennis Kamakahi, Stephen Inglis and others, and learn about two people who served the sufferers of Hansen's disease (commonly known as leprosy): Father Damien Joseph de Veuster and Bernard Punikai'a.

Mele O Hawai'i: Music of the Hawaiian Monarchs: Na Lani ‘Eha Mar 1st, 2012

The ali’i of Hawai’i – the kings and queens of the islands – are renowned for their extraordinary talents as songwriters. Learn about them as we showcase the compositional talents of the last of the Hawaiian Monarchy, the four siblings of the Kalakaua dynasty – King David Kalakaua, Princess Miriam Likelike, Queen Lydia Paki

Ki ho'alu award winners from 1998 to 2011 - a slack key celebration

This show presents slack key delights played by masters who have been recognized with the Hawai'i Academy of Recording Arts No Hoku Ki Ho'alu award, a non-competitive award given to those who have contributed a lifetime career of preservation of Hawai'i slack key music. From Gabby & Atta in 1998 to John Keawe and Pekelo in 2011, we sample them all!

"Live" from Kaua'i Island

This show highlights local Kaua'i musician Bruddah Chico, with an interview and music from his sample Album. Also featured is a brief recording of Auntie Marilyn Matsumoto's Beginning Ukulele class at the Lihue Neighborhood Center. Both recordings were made in January, 2012, and are wrapped in music from and about the beautiful garden Isle of Kaua'i.

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