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Mar 16th, 2011

The battle for public education continues as the means to solving our debt is to dismantle our Master Plan for Higher Education and destroy all past gains in the K-12 arena. Meanwhile, we may ask: Where is Barak? The Democrats have sold out to Wall Street and the financial interests rule. We are in a jam. Is there a way out?

Mar 2nd, 2011

The minions of the GOP are taking their shots at the next in line: educators, labor unions, police, fire, etc. Look at www.fcic.gov and read the inquiry examining the real fleecing of the taxpayer. Our attention span is short and hence Scott Walker can reap havoc in WI. Meanwhile the president plays nice and cast the progressive to the wind. We are being marginalized by the hope and change candidate. California has a date with destiny next week. Stay tuned.

Feb 9th, 2011

The President's budget shares a vision of innovation, education and infrastructure. Congress-GOP-is unlikely to work with him and is committed to his ruin. President Obama's call for $50 billion investment for infrastructure is ludicrous: see infrastructurereportcard.org for more details and a reality check. Meanwhile, our state continues to hemorrhage. Will the governor's call for extension of taxes work? Stay tuned.

Feb 2nd, 2011

The State of the Union theme of innovation U.S.A. , but the GOP questions the wisdom of investments. And so it goes. Meanwhile the Mediterranean is in a state of turmoil as nations there seek to compost their dictators. Here in the Golden State, we have to make some tough decisions about the budget and our future. Davis, meanwhile, prepares for the return of picnic day. Stay tuned!

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