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Host Lois Richter’s That’s Life new format is strictly interviews. Recurring topics include Davis activities and groups; work and life choices; philosophy and theory; and birding, cooking, art, and other passions. Lois occasionally breaks into music -- from ballads to the slack key sounds of Hawaii -- but mostly we just talk.

If you want to suggestion a topic for discussion or a person to interview, send a text to Lois at 530-902-0209 or leave a message in the comments here.

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Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Yolo County Landfill's 'Big Blue Barn' (01/11/18)

The Yolo County Landfill has many programs to reduce-reuse-recycle and one of the newest is the 'Big Blue Barn'. Manager explains how diverting use-able items that would otherwise go into the landfill not only saves us space; it also makes things available for VERY low prices AND provides funding for other recycling programs.  Every other month there is one weekend when folks can buy; but EVERY day one can drop things off. Here the details in this lively interview.

Alison Borkowska returns!

Former KDRT host Alison Borkowska has returned to California!  She is helping out at the station (for KDRT, DCTV, and DMA) as well as ...

Ah, there's too much to write it all out!  Listen to the show to catch up on Alison's travels (if you knew her back then) OR listen to make find out about a WONDERFUL new friend!  Hear about the old  show (East Coast Mash-up) and the new (to be determined in 2018?) and all the rest. on this week's interview.

That's the Yolo County Library -- with Scott Love

More than just books, this is not your grandmother's library!

Listen to Jeff Peterson's 'Slack Key Travels' for the first 20 minutes, then join Lois in finding out about the library systen in our county.  Regional Director Scott Love tells of alternate ways to satisfy our word-fix -- e-books, audio books, and interlibrary loan -- as well as finding information online using the Library's computers.  The Yolo County Library system also has programs to help us use new technology (such as classes on computer use) or learn to read (such as 'Mother Goose on the Loose' reading times) or help other people (such as the book repair team, or Friends of the Library).

Although old-fashioned 'bookmobiles' are no longer used by modern libraries, Yolo County has come up with two innovative ways to distribute materials to residents who have trouble getting to the library building -- a BIKE bookmobile and books-by-mail.

That's Life: 'NAMI-Yolo' (with Jennie Price)

Jenifer Price is a volunteer with the Yolo branch of the  'National Association for Mentally Ill'; thta is, 'NAMI-Yolo'.  All but two of the many people working there are volunteers; many are peers or their family members.  NAMI provides many services.  Probably the most often used is the The Friendship Line -- 1-800-971-0016 -- which is described as: Free telephone counseling, support, reassurance, crisis intervention, medication reminders, well being checks, and information available 24 hour.


Sherman Stein's 'Survival Guide for Outsiders' -- plus music collage

Part I: Sherman Stein, author of “Survival Guide for Outsiders: Learn to protect yourself from politicians, experts, and other insiders”, joined us today.  Lois read aloud the first chapter of the book titled "The Journey" which provides an overview of the book's contents as well as the author's many years of exploration that culminated in this writing.  From his initial response to the threat of nuclear bombs in the 1980s, to his reflections on "who should decide", thru his analysis of how the world actually works -- he has transformed his personal inner journey to writing out this warning tome for all of us. Insider or outsider, there are words of caution for everyone. Sherman Stein is a mathematician and long-time Davis activist.

Part II: A collage of music by some of my favorite performers -- Margie Adam, Judy Fjell, and John Denver.


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I love listening to your Hawaiian music choices and your comments on Hawaii when you play Hawaiian music. :-)

-- Arielle

I forgot about all this great music...thanks for reminding me.

Great show! Never knew so much about green building...great guest. [Casa Verde]

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