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Nursery pro Don Shor has been gardening and selling plants in Davis for more than three decades. Join Don and co-host Lois Richter as they discuss and answer your questions on all things for the garden. 

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Don and Lois,

Hi! This is to add to what Eric said about New Zealand Flax and pruneing. I keep seeing the tips to the top quarter of New Zealand Flax pruned off. I swear people (and some gardeners) must not have enough to do if they keep doing this unnecessary pruneing. These poor plants look horrible. This unnecessary pruneing (and other unnecssarily pruned plants) is a pet peeve of mine too.

Robin in Southern California

Don and Lois,

Hi! What is the best type of pot to plant an African Violet in? Sorry that this is so short.

-Robin in Southern California

Don and Lois,

Hi! Thank you for answering my question about my father's blackberry plant. I thought your answer about feeding the plant a great suggestion. I also want to clarify a few things. The blackberry plant is very thorny. I have been pricked by it's branches and leaves so many times, yet the sting from each of those times would hurt for many minutes afterward. This does not happen to me with roses. As for our new backyard, I have been busy choosing plants for it (still have more room to add) and some of those plants are for our neighbor's cat who I noticed eats our spider plants. This leads to a question. Do spider plants cause problems for the cats who eat them?

-Robin in Southern California

I thought miniature fruit trees were compact plants, smaller than dwarf, that I can grow in my small backyard, but all I can find in local nurseries are dwarf varieties. What are miniature trees and where can I find them?

San Ramon, CA

Don, thank you so much for answering my question, and thanks for the link to Bay Laurel.

I have tried to order plants online in the past from out of state nurseries but most won't ship to California. Any idea why this is so?

Thanks again.

Don and Lois,

Hi! Thank you Don for answering my fish water question. That brought up more questions about fish water. If the medication is the all natural type such as Betta Fix and Betta Remedy, could these harm plants? Betta Remedy is blue and stains things it comes in contact with blue, which sometimes does not come off of what it stained. Could this turn plants blue and would that be harmful or like those science fair experiments with plants and food dyes, cause the plants to look really interesting? By the way, we are moving to a new home with an actual backyard. This yard has a need of spruceing up. Eric and I are looking forward to this challenge. My current plants will be a real help in doing this. We are happy to have two balconies with our current home, but really look forward to having a backyard. My young daughter will enjoy playing in it. She has been wanting a backyard and now we will have one. Here's to new gardening challenges in a new year!


Don and Lois,

Hi! I hope you have both managed to stay healthy what with these colds going around. I know that you have not heard from me in awhile, however I have a follow up question to the one I asked about fish water. Is fish water (old aquarium water) with fish medications in it harmful for plants? I decided not to save any of the medicated water for Eric to use on plants until I heard from you first. I hope you both had a good Thanksgiving. We celebrated a day early for reasons I will not go into unless you ask me. Have a Merry Christmas! And if I do not get to say it, a Happy New Year too. By the way, my young daughter's garden has expanded with two new and very different sages that she chose by herself. Her garden is also thriving.

in Southern California

Hi Don and Lois, thanks so much for the ever timely and informative show!
I have a question for Lois. Lois I'm hoping you could spend a couple of
minutes and highlight for me the Best birds to have in your vegetable garden
and the Worst birds to have in your vegetable garden and why. Maybe you could
help define Gleaners and Salliers too, and wheather all of the birds in these
groups are beneficial?
Thanks ever so much,
Your Faithful Listener in Central Calif., (San Luis Obispo)

Excellent questions, Lori. We'll get to these as soon as possible.

Don and Lois,

Hi! First I would like to let you know that my donation for the bake sale at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden's Fall Plant Sale is a receipe that I remembered from when I was in fourth grade. I do not remember what it is called, so under Eric's advice, I call it a dessert. They are made with eggroll wrappers, so I renamed them Fried Chinese Butterfly Desserts. Eggroll wrappers are cut in half, each half is slit in the middle, then one part is folded through the slit to look sort of like a butterfly, they are fried, and then coated in sugar. They are very tasty. Your other listeners and yourselves are welcome to make these. My young daughter was helpful in the makeing of these desserts. We used an entire package of eggroll wrappers. As for my question, our ficus has several branches shriveling up. It is well watered (the soil rarely dries out), potted in a ceramic pot near two windows (one is next to it and is West faceing, while the other is near the other window and is North faceing with a few trees near it), and this ficus is very tall at about seven feet including the pot. The leaves on the shriveled branches are dry yet green and the bark is somewhat loose feeling. I tried checking for borers, but I can not see any suspious holes. What is happening to our ficus?

-Robin in Southern California

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