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On Building Ideas, DJs Gunner & Kyle discuss big ideas and solutions to problems that affect us all. When we come together to solve problems, proactively dealing with difficult questions, nothing can hold us back from achieving our goals and changing our world for the better. Bring us a problem, let’s solve it together. BBB - Bring Back Bravado


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For your information Prop 209 was approved in 1996 and it abolished California's public affirmative action program.  Also, the word transvestite is now considered an outdated term and is considered offensive to many.

Dudes, it was my first time hearing your program and you have my attention. I think I know where you were going with your commentary,(police force and siuicide) which I can appreciate. But leave out the crackpot psychology. It almost sounds like satire.



I though I remembered you saying that you were going to discuss the goods and bads about swimming pool removal. I can't seem to find the show. Do you remember what was the program date? If not, do you plan to discuss this soon?


Happy New year guys. Hey I posted a promo for your show on the opening banners on Just a suggestion, Could you mention a topic in your previous shows so if someone wants to listen to a show on "lets sasy windows" its easy for them to find it.


BTW - I listen a lot to BUILDING IDEAS

The show keeps getting better and better! Fun, day-to-day topics, things we all think about but often don't speak about ... lots of common sense issues being discussed.  Not to mention the helpful suggestions!

Keep it up, guys!

Do they let a lot of heat in during hot summer months? ie: do they make the a/c run more due to the sun coming in?  Is there a way to shut them from inside if the weather is really hot? Or are they insulated in a way so that doesn't happen? Thanks.



Sorry for the delay in getting back to you...

They are double glazed and insulated so they do not let much heat in. Some brands make models with a shade now.

Hope this helps.

It does help, thank you.

To all,

Trying to speak for all 3 of us, we thank you for your suggestions, and comments and praise.  It sure is fun trying to figure out exactly how to do something. We surely don't want ta "bore - ya" or turn you away. 

And don't worry, the Presidential election is over. We look forward to talking about whatever subject is impotant to y'all as we wait for your calls about "Bldg Ideas".

Sincerely -  The "Bldg Ideas" boys / Gentleman

P.S.   Calls can be about  -

1.  Construction - from small to large

2. Roofing  - from repair to replace

3. Ideas - about a new product, and/or how to get something going.


If we have time and you care to - whats gnawing at ya?  A question or call-in about something out there - are we even thinking.

4. Are we even thinking - question?



Hi Mike, this one is probably for you.  My house was built in 1936, and I'm certain the pipes are originals.  My hot water stream, primarily in my shower, is getting worse and worse.  The rest of the house seems okay.  I've had mixed suggestions about what it might be ... clogging pipes, clogging hot water moderator on the water heater, etc.  Any quick thoughts? It's become increasingly worse over the last 6 months! I've switched the nozzle to one that is supposed to handle low water pressure, to no avail.

The last thing I want to do is tear apart my walls for new pipes!

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