Rap Snacks

Rap Snacks

Join your host Kay-Beezy Fa Sheezy as he takes you on a hip-hop source-sample voyage to the days of fresh Fila suits, Kangols, and fat gold chains. Kay-Beezy's music collection will delight your ear holes as you experience live the oh-so-buttery vinyl records that inspired hip-hop producers to create the legendary tracks that shaped an entire generation. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives needed as the wheels of steel that stay spinning do not rust. Word is bond, kid!!

Replays Thursday 4-5pm
Live Wednesday 6-7pm


Dam you hella go ! I checked it out rn

This is real rap music. Thanks for sharing homie. You got a lotta heart. Keep putting it down. 

Yooooo I love you for this. I just found this by mistake and now it’s all I’m going to listen to. I miss these days

The way it use to be!! Thank you for the memories!

absolutely epic, now legendary and always a great listen!

dopest dope I ever smoked

K-Beezy knows music and understands people. I know him from his time working with at-risk youth in San Francisco. I listen to his show because he's a good guy who truly passionate about all life has to offer. Plus the music is tight!! You go boy!!!! :-)

Great show and great music you won't hear on corporate. nice variety. you have a following in Reno!! 

This show is off the hook. You can tell the host is enjoying himself and just having some fun with it!! I love the eclectic mix of stuff he plays, that somehow all goes together. Good color commentary going on, as well. Proud Snackhead out of Oakland, California!! 

Easily the best show this radio station has to offer.  So dope! Love the flavorful goumet sensory education.  Never disappoints.  Keep it up KB Fo' Sheezy!!!!!!!!w00t

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