One Foundation

One Foundation

One Foundation takes listeners through the world of reggae music by exploring unfamiliar territories both within and beyond the boundaries of the genre. Hosted by UC Davis graduate students Cameron Johnson (history) and Ben Bean (anthropology), this program offers a fun and informative blend of music and conversation, with a focus on the traditions of Latin America and the Caribbean. Each week, we will sample the diverse sounds of a particular country, individual, region, historical moment, or conceptual theme. While each of our musical journeys takes reggae as its point of departure, we'll be listening to a variety of forms and styles in every soundscape we visit along the way.



Lovin the Chali 2na ya'll tossed in there. 

Big hugs from the Deathstar.

Chali is the man, as are you for tuning in--- positive vibration to heal the Deathstar nation.

Give thanks! Very blessed to know you listened and enjoyed. More next week!

Bravo! Keep these shows comin'!

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