Meet Lindsey Black, a Disney vet who came to Davis for her degree

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Lindsey Black, 20, is a Regents Scholar and transfer student who is studying the classics and history at UC Davis. She’s also a veteran of the Disney Channel series “As the Bell Rings,” a high-school comedy presented in 5-minute episodes. She played Lexi in 2008-09—in the cast photo she’s holding here, she’s third from our right. This year she appears in “16-Love,” a movie that Variety called a “lightweight, tween-targeted indie sports drama.” On today’s Davisville, Black talks about why she chose Davis for college, why history engages her, life on campus, her pursuit of an academic career, advice for others who want a shot at Hollywood—and what it’s like to work in an industry that’s so focused on appearance, she felt it prudent to ask her manager if it was OK to grow bangs.

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