The Golden Road's 2012 Grateful Dead Trivia Contest

Hiya K-DIRT Listeners!

The Golden Road is feeling mighty broadcast a weekly show featuring the music of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia and the sounds of Northern California is a wonderful opportunity. Since the month of November holds many fond memories for me, each broadcast of The Golden Road for Novemeber 2012 features music recorded live IN November! And since i'm feeling so thankful, and Thanksgiving IS right around the corner, I would like to host a little trivia contest.

The lucky winner will receive the 3 disc official vault release, "Grateful Dead Road Trips, Volume 4, Number 3 Live from Denver, Colorado". This excellent release was recorded live on November 20 & 21, 1973.

Here are the questions:

1. The song "Bertha" is about an appliance. What kind?

2. Phil Lesh once said, "It is safe to say that if we all had one wish, it would be that....". What was the one thing Phil wished for?

3. The Grateful Dead played more shows in a legendary San Francisco music venue than any other. What was the name of the venue?

4. On their epic tour of Europe in 1972, the band took a bunch of family & friends along to add to the merriment and they were essentially divided up into two groups. What were the names of those two groups?

5. Jerry Garcia played a number of custom-made guitars and they eventually were given names. Name one of them and bonus points, name them all!

Send your answers via good ol' US Mail to:

The Golden Road c/o KDRT
1623 Fifth Street
Davis, CA 95616

Entries need to be received by November 28th for consideration. I will announce the winner on the air November 29th, 2012 during the Golden Road broadcast 6 - 8 pm. Good luck!

Here's a link to tune on in, any ol' time:



I heard through the Grapevine that today is Rockin' Rod's Birthday. I wish you many happy returns down that Golden Road..... Looking forward to tonight's show, maybe you'll wear your birthday suit :) Have a great day and year, Happy Birthday Rod. One loyal listener.

Appreciate the sentiment Anon, but most importantly, really appreciate that you are tuning in to hear the sounds on KDRT! Each of the programmers here at "The Dirt" gives it a good go each time we are on the air...and if what we are doin' puts a smile on your lips & a swing in your hips, then that's the best!



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