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KDRT LIVE broadcast from Armadillo Music on 2/10/17 at 6:30PM with The Smoke Shovelers

Second Friday ArtAbout with KDRT and Armadillo Music (207 F Street, Davis CA)

Davis, CA - Feb. 10, 2017 at 6:30PM

This months the Davis 2nd Friday ArtAbout features the Smoke Shoveler’s performing live at Armadillo Music. The performance will be broadcast live using the KDRT mobile DIRT technology.

So if you can not join us at Armadillo Music tune to KDRT 95.7 or via streaming at www.kdrt.org

Jack Symes / Nat Lefkoff visit Listening Lyrics, Friday 2/10/17 at 4 PM PCT

Jack Symes is a singer-songwriter from the LA area but has been living in and performing around the Bay for the last 5 years. A solo act, his music embodies a folky, relaxed tone packed with emotional lyrics and a shaky moustache. Symes recently released his debut EP titled “Gargoyles” and is now out on a 3-month long West Coast tour through April. 

Nat Lefkoff: Born and raised in Davis, California, Nat has since toured up and down the West Coast throughout his high school and college careers with a variety of groups and venues. Nat focuses heavily on lyrics and melody as he composes with the goal of creating music that speaks to the experience of being human as we interact with the changing worlds around us.

For those outside the listening area the show will stream live on www.kdrt.org.

Tarek Isham visits Listening Lyrics Friday 1/27/17 4PM PST

Tarek Isham found his musical voice while living in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, where music and creativity make daily and deep impressions. Four years ago, he moved back to Clyde Park, Montana to help his mother with her Quarter Horse Ranch and to pursue an education in veterinary medicine, which subsequently brought him to Davis, California. Before moving, he played many nights and weekends in the Bozeman area in a duo called Cottonwood Line. Tarek plays guitar, harmonica, foot-pedal drums and sings songs–both original and old–in country, blues, gospel and folk styles. Look to catch one of his feel-like-dancing live shows and an upcoming demo album under the name Doc Tari, which was the name of a famous Quarter Horse.

For those outside the listening area this show will stream live at www.kdrt.org

Alex Calatayud is building a musical bridge - Listening Lyrics 1/13/17 4:00PM

This weeks guest is Alex Elvis Calatayud who is building a musical bridge between Brazil and the USA. Listen in as Alex shares his story and introduces us to some new Brazilian musicians. We will be playing selections from the music of Nilton Rabello, Bororo, Marcus Biancardini and many more.

Chris Hunt Returns to Listening Lyrics from NYC, Jan. 6, 2017, at 4 PM

Christopher Hunt is well known in and around northern California. He graduated from a distinguished school (the University of the Pacific) with a master's degree in music. He has performed in numerous bands based in Davis (Gravy Nation, Tha Dirt Feelin), and slips easily in and out of genres such as pop, rock, jazz, and funk. He also has a background in producing, and feels at home behind the controls in a recording session. In all we have a musician well equipped to pursue a career in music. That's why Chris relocated to New York City. That's why we have Chris calling in from NYC to join us on the show today; let's explore his goals and motive for his move across the continent.

Today, in New York, Chris plays with several bands: Semaphore, Phonoscenes, Secret Creatures and Bottler.

For those outside the listening area, the show will stream live on www.kdrt.org

Links to bands:


Beyond Uranium will make Listening Lyrics Glow on Friday 12/16/16

Friday 12/16/16 the KDRT studio will be aglow.Beyond Uranium is an original funk quartet from Vacaville.Featuring retired UC Davis Professor, Delbert Bump and includes members from Dank Ocean, Berklee College, and Mondavi Center Jazz All-stars. Funk originals featuring keyboard, electronic trumpet, guitar and world drums. Members of the band are Delbert Bump, Thomas Molina, Jimmy Toor, Elias Lucero.

Austin James Hicks visits Listening Lyrics Friday 11/18/16 4:00PM

Our guest this week is Austin James Hicks. Born in Berkeley, CA.he has been playing guitar since he was 8 and singing since 10. Why does he do this? To him its simple but he is still searching for the right words. 

          "I guess because music is sort of everything. Not everything in sense of it being all I want to do but simply that it sort of feels like it's interwoven so tightly in all aspects of my life that it almost feels silly to talk about it as if it were separate from anything else I do. I like to think that everyone has that in some way with something. But if I were to break it down to simply the act of writing, playing, and performing, it's both what is getting me through this crazy life and what makes this crazy life worth getting through."- from an interview with Federica Buonsante for The Babel Harbinger.


Looking forward to a very interesting hour with Austin. You can visit Austin at http://www.austinjameshicks.com.

Toad Hollow to perform at Armadillo Music with KDRT 11/11/16 at 6:30 PM

The Davis 2nd Friday ArtAbout for November (11/11/16) will feature TOAD HOLLOW at Armadillo Music at 6:00PM. The interview and performance will start at 6:30PM. Toad Hollow is made up of Davis residents Juniper Waller, Alex Carlin, Jacob Dorn and David Morris. They play a mix of compelling originals and refreshed standards influenced by classic blues and jazz, with some folk and modern R&B mixed in. Their sound is intimate, brimming with raw emotion and a touch of comic relief.

Free Solo Climbing on Listening Lyrics 10/14/16

A little different Listening Lyrics - we focus on free solo climbing. Free solo climbing, also known as free soloing, is a form of free climbing and solo climbing where the climber (or free soloist) performs alone and without using any ropes, harnesses or other protective equipment, relying entirely on his or her ability instead. Unlike in bouldering, free soloists typically climb above safe heights, where a fall would always result in serious injury or death. In ordinary free climbing, instead, safety gear is used to protect from falls, although not to assist the ascent.