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Icons of Western Music

Throughout the eras of Western and Cowboy music, there have been those who have played pivotal roles in the music's development and popularity. On the July 7, 2017 episode, we will hear music from some of these icons including, Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys, Patsy Montana, Gene Autry, Ian Tyson and others who have changed the course of western music history.

Genoa Nevada Cowboy Music Festival Redux

On the June 23, 2017 episode of "Cowboy Tracks", Nancy will share her impressions from a Cowboy Music & Poetry Festival held in the historic town of Genoa, Nevada. You'll  hear awesome music from artists who performed at the festival, such as, Dave Stamey, Trinity Seely, Tom Russell, Mike Beck, the Quebe Sisters and Gary Allegretto. It will almost be as if you had been there!

Is it Cowboy or is it Country?

Country and western music used to be played on the same radio stations, but they're not the same music styles. Can you tell the difference between Cowboy songs and Country songs? Nancy offers her "4 Markers of a Cowboy Song". She and Doug will play various songs and use the markers to  categorize tunes by their genre. But, regardless of the genre, it's all great music on this show!