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'Divine Intervention' Strikes - M 10/17 7-9p PT

Tonight on Divine Intervention, we have an interesting Vinyl Vespers feature. It's another case of "Will it be awfully good...or just plain awful?" Specifically, we'll hear Mac Gant and his Tennessee Dew Drops—that's the bit that sounds like it might be mighty good. But the record is Square Dance Calls and Instructions—that's the worrisome part. Either way, we'll  have an enjoyable worship, along with much rock, pop, and otherwise swingin' sounds, including the possibility of brand-new tracks from Emma Ruth Rundle, Ken De Poto, and more new releases. We'll try to slip in some local flavor, to boot, such as something from Oakland's T Sisters, who'll be performing hereabouts soon thanks to the Davis Live Music Collective. Tune in live, 7-9p Pacific. Want replays/playlists? Visit the program page.

'Divine Intervention' Strikes - M 10/10 7-9p PT

This week on Divine Intervention, we'll do the new music thang, with lots of rock and pop and maybe some punk and probably some r&b -- you know the drill. "Vinyl Vespers" will be a true surprise -- we have no idea if the pictured album is good, bad, an extreme version of either of those adjectives, or blandly somewhere in between. Yes, we could have educated ourselves about the artist, but hostesse Jess Goddesse likes to be (un)pleasantly surprised along with the audience, and so we'll all hear it together, probably for the first time on DI, unless you happen to be in the know on ol' Snuff. Tune in live, 7-9p Pacific. Want replays/playlists? Visit the program page.

'Divine Intervention' Strikes - 10/3 7-9p PT

Tune in to Divine Intervention for a random and rare mix of music -- much new, much rock and pop, mostly stellar... And then, of course, there'll be a blessedly short interlude for our "Vinyl Vespers" feature. This week's pick is pictured here. Let's hope Dr. Evans can give us some sound advice on "the most important institution in the home." Tune in live, 7-9p Pacific. Want replays/playlists? Visit the program page.

Divine Intervention Strikes - M 9/26 7-9p PT

This week on Divine Intervention, we'll dive into much new rock/pop and other assorted sounds (as usual). We'll also try to squeeze in some locally sourced tunes by bands playing soon in D-Town. As for our Vinyl Vespers feature, this one's for the ladies! Yes, we have Debbie Drake's advice on keeping the ol' hubby happy--timeless tips from the past century! This is not to be missed, especially if you're having trouble keeping your romeo from roaming! Tune in live, 7-9p Pacific. Want replay? Visit the program page.

It's Divine Intervention - M 9/19 7-9p PT

Who are these men? Why are they a part of this blog post? Well, one of them—and you can probably guess which by the photo (His eyes follow you around the room!)—is this evening's featured Vinyl Vespers artist. Who knows in what record bin he was languishing, but we've rescued him for tonight's worship service. As for the other guy—the one you either recognize or feel you should—we'll be spinning a tune from a record that sports the most-racy of his album covers. Tune in to find out more on these men, new music, and other assorted fun on Divine Intervention, broadcasting live 7-9p Pacific. For replay info, visit the program page.

Album of the Week - The Hi-Nobles' "Shake"

This week's AotW is The Hi-Nobles album Shake, released on Zaentz Record in 2009. This is the first and only offering from the Nobles, a San Francisco band containing no less than Scotty Holderby of Mordred and Greg Ingraham of The Avengers. Tune in at 5 pm PT on Thursday, September 8, for music Verbicide astutely described as "Sixties-styled, organ-fueled, fuzzed-out garage soul that couldn’t get any more R&B stuffed into it even with a shoehorn." Jess Goddesse is your hostesse.

Get Involved: Attend Our Next Orientation, Aug 17

Are you curious about community media? Interested in getting involved at KDRT-FM Grassroots Radio or Davis Community Television? You're in luck, because you're invited to our next orientation. Each and every month, we hold orientation meetings to answer your questions about broadcast and behind-the-scenes opportunities and internships at Davis Media Access, the home of KDRT and DCTV. So mark your calendars for Autust 17, 2016, and plan to attend! The fun starts at 6:30 p.m. To RSVP, visit

Live DiRT at Davis Music Festival, June 17-19!

Davis Music Festival returns with three days of amazing live music in support of Davis schools. DMF6 brings 40+ bands--live on stage at 10 Davis venues--from Friday evening, June 17th, through Sunday afternoon, June 19th. This year, KDRT's Live DiRT crew broadcasts LIVE throughout the festival. Find us at...

* The SUDWERKS’s kickoff party on FRIDAY evening, with the Evan Daly Blues Band, Rin Tin Tiger, and Element Brass Band…

* The K-DiRT Stage at ARMADILLO MUSIC on SATURDAY, with Bob & Bill Wertzberger, Spangler, the Heifer Belles, Alec Lytle & Them Rounders, and the Rita Hosking Band…

* The WOODSTOCK’s closing party on SUNDAY afternoon, with the Golden Gate String Quartet, Meredith Axelrod, and Bonanza King.
Please do come by and say "hello"! We'll see you at DMF6!

Live DiRT: The Small Glories Live May, 19, 2016

The Folk Brothers hosted The Small Glories live in the KDRT studio, May 19, 2016 at 2:00 pm PT.  The Small Glories are Cara Luft and JD Edwards, two veteran Canadian singer/songwriters who have teamed up and are building a buzz around their tight harmonies and authentic, visceral live performances. More specifically, Cara Luft is the Juno Award-winning co-founder of the Wailin’ Jennys. She has a solid reputation as an exciting live performer on the guitar and the clawhammer banjo. JD Edwards has a voice that ranges from gentle and melodic to fierce and powerful, truly defying categorization. Together, these two performers are a powerhouse you'll be hearing a lot about in the coming months. The Small Glories new release is Wondrous Traveler.