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Wild Fox Radio Party

Frank aka Dr Doowop Fox

Wild Fox Radio Party begins Feb 13 at 10 AM

Hope you can join Dave and I as we begin our radio careers and steep our

selves in the KDRT airwaves "bringing you the best in recorded" and sometimes live


I stole "the recorded music" line from my  initial Mentor DJ Symphony Sid  Torin in NYC

back in the early 50's to mid 60's.

This radio show had its conception in the early 1960's when the jocks on air were playing programmed set lists. I told my friend and  music colleague Norman Bergen  that I wanted a free format radio show and that I would call it the "wild fox hour". Here it comes...........

A special shout out to Val Shively, from Upper Darby Pennsylvania for his dedication to keeping this music in the hands of avid collectors from All Over The World. Val has been the main source of roots Doowop music since the early 1970's. Google him. I plan to interview him in the near future. He one funny dude.