Listening Lyrics - Special Guest Jonathan Record, May 24, 2013

Listen up Davis, your in for a treat with Jonathan Record. Jonathan Records is a newly established poet in the Sacramento community. Singing, storytelling, eloquent speech, acting, teaching, he combines it all in one through his unique gift of poetry. His teachings are inspirational and spiritually based to benefit all people as he centers his teaching around the knowledge of the heart and mind. Using his own personal story, he shares messages that he has lived. His faith as a Christian has helped him to come to the understanding that he has. He is an experienced minister, speaker, vocalists, teacher/youth mentor, musician. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bethany University. He is social, relational, and intellectual. He is bilingual in Spanish and English and has had much cross-cultural experiences traveling Latin America. He is married to a French speaking African from Gabon, Central West Africa going on 4 years. He is in the process of developing teaching material and poetry that he will put in book format displaying his life and experiences.

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