Listening Lyrics - A discussion with local artist Evan Clayburg. Wed Nov 28, 2012

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Listening Lyrics will spend an hour with local artist Evan Clayburg. Program will air 11/28/12 at 2:00PM on KDRT 95.7
Evan Clayburg, a Davis resident who, 2 years ago, ventured from Chicago to visit his cousin and now Davis is home. Evan, is a self-trained musician, visual and performance artist. Evan was eight years old when he picked up the guitar and has played in various DIY (do it yourself) bands over the years. He is currently involved in 3 local bands, Ennui Trust, White Hole, and Loner. Ennui Trust currently finished a west coast tour with a stint in Canada.
His visual and performance art has been shown and performed thru out northern California

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