listening Lyrics Dec 20th, 2013 with MIKE DUGAN

What music do you listen to while sailing around the world sometimes alone? Listen in as we talk with MIKE DUGAN to find that answer and more. Mike authored his adventure in the book BELOW THE HORIZON.

Below the Horizon opens as Mike Dugan and his crew sail under the Golden Gate Bridge and “turn left,” bound for grandeur. Armed with little more than a theoretical knowledge of sailing, some homemade wine, and ignorant optimism, what ensues is a combination of hilarity and tragedy as the crew of Hanuman embark on “the biggest adventure I could think of; within the boundaries of time and space of course.” Towering gray waves and a wind ravaged sea threaten to end the journey before it begins but Mike presses on only to finds his way into the fly infested, bowels of a Mexican jail occupied by a transsexual prostitute and a sadistic jailor. Salt and sweat penetrate the narrative as story book ideals are morphed into lessons hard won through continual folly.

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