Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - What Now My Love

Album of the Week, Nov 10, 2016

KDRT's Pieter Pastoor brought up Herb Alpert in a conversation we had about a year ago on his radio show. I knew the name, but had no idea who he was beyond that. My wife and I happened upon a stack of his records for 99 cents each at Armadillo Music about a week later and bought them all up. So cheap, why not? Well, turns out we love them all and have listened regularly ever since.  

Pieter is joining me in the studio to play one of my favorites, "What Now My Love." Alpert is in his 80s and still making music. He's also the "A" in A&M Records, so there's plenty to talk about. The record we're playing is only 29 minutes long, so we plan on playing some other delights as well during the hours. 

Click "Listen Now" at 5pm Pacific Time to tune in. 


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