Album of the Week - PUP

I hadn't heard of the Toronto punk band PUP until a few months ago, when I was scanning Twitter and saw a bunch of musicians I like saying “holy hell, the new PUP song!” This band was being endorsed by five or six musicians I loved, so I felt it prudent to check it out. That song was called DVP, it it hit me like a freight train. It sums up the band pretty well: rapid and relentless, but with plenty of melody laced through from start to finish.

DVP is from their second album, which comes out tomorrow (May 27). After hearing it, I dove into their first album, which is self-titled, and have shared them widely ever since. Two-thirds of The Polyorchids (me and Tony, who plays bass) will be in the studio today playing that album and explaining its goodness. We’ll also play a couple of songs from the follow-up record that comes out tomorrow, which is called The Dream is Over.

Listen to DVP and watch the retro video game music video. It's a good starting point. 


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