Album of the Week for January 28th - Adele's 25

Adele's 25 is a bit of a phenomenon. You can't stream it in it's entirety and you may never be able to... we shall see. Released on November 20, Rolling Stone named the album #2 on its top 50 albums of 2015. It is the fastest selling record in the history of the world with 3.38 million copies sold in its first week. There are eleven tracks on this album and a mind-blowing ten different producers, including Danger Mouse and the Smeezingtons. Critics seem to like it, even though they also throw in great turns of phrase such as Pitchfork's Amanda Petrusich who gives the album an impressive 7.3/10 yet says "Still: the cumulative effect is sometimes as treacly as the heavily frosted sheet cake being slid onto the buffet table in the carpeted banquet hall where this song will be blasting, on a loop, for all of eternity. Even your most adorable aunt—the one who loves a Yankee Candle—will eventually drain her flute of sparkling wine, lean forward, and be like, 'Dog, this s**t is corny.'"

And I hate this album.

So why, then, will I be dropping the needle on the vinyl that I purchased just the show? Three reasons, my AotW friends: first, you're not going to hear this whole album any other way unless you buy it like everyone else has bought it. Second, I am hopeful that on Thursday, on what will be my third full listen of this album, something will click and I will understand why so many people like this album. Third, my co-hosts are making me play this album - they were upset when I picked Chasing White Light instead of what they wanted to spin, so when they heard me saying I didn't like 25 and since I had said we would do whatever they wanted to do for the next show... well, payback is exactly what they say it is.

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