Album of the Week for 06/02/2016 : "Masterpiece" by Big Thief

This week's album is "Masterpiece" by the band Big Thief. It just came out on Saddle Creek on 5/27, and we will be spinning the red vinyl album this Thursday 6/2. I heard the title track and loved it so much, it went on my April roadtrip playlist... I must have listened to that song about 25 times since then. It is, well, a masterpiece. Having only listened to the whole album once so far while eating dinner, I haven't formed a full opinion, but perhaps you can help me do so. Join me, C & D for a listen and some discussion. Per usual and due to Memorial Day, I'm running behind, so here's a link to the Saddle Creek description and the NPR review by Bob Boilen (both links have live tracks you can screen). See you Thursday!

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