Album Review: Yours, Dreamily, by The Arcs

Yours, Dreamily, the first full-length release from Dan Auerbach's side project The Arcs, finds Auerbach dabbling with Spanish Rock on several dreamy jams full of expirementation. The album kicks of with lead single Outta My Mind, by far the most mainstream tune on the album, with its lyrics conveying Auerbach's life story in the midst of repeating guitar solos. However, the album immediately branches off, replacing guitar solos with fuzzy, dreamlike guitar chords and expiremental melodies far from the mainstream. Much of the lyrics, especially on "Pistol Made of Bones," are full of elaborate imagery that adds to the mysterious vibe. The album clearly has a Latin and Spanish influence, from the album cover to the lyrics. Standout tracks include "The Arc," with sounds most reminiscent of the Black Keys, and "Searching the Blue," the last track and the best example of a psychadelic slow jam on the album. Overall, Yours, Dreamily, is another win for Dan Auerbach, who is slowly but surely cementing himself as a 21st century rock icon.

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