Yolo County Womens History Month (02/22/18)

Kate Mawdsley shares the story of "Yolo County Women's History Month" and its current work supporting book purchases for local libraries and Yolo County Archives regarding women in and around this area.  Lots of reminiscences about Lois and Kate's personal experiences with the 'women's movement' and changes in the University and society from the 1970s thru today.  National Women's History Month this year's theme is: "Nevertheless She Persisted -- Honoring women who fight against all forms of distrimination against women".  That derives from Senator Mitch McConnell's complaint about Senator Elizabeth Warren's continuing to read from a letter written by Coretta King after he had told her to stop -- "... She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless she persisted." (He eventually forced her to stop by cutting her off.) That phrase has now become a by-word with many women and a call to us to also persist when we are told not to speak out.

Yolo will give a luncheon to raise money and to celebrate women's alctions.  Prof. Emeritus Martha West speaks sbout her advocating for a greater present of women on the faculty and helped set up the City of Davis Child Care Commission and severla school program -- supporting women so that they can take advantage of an opportunity to be employed.

Kate and Lois touched on many other related topics.  A fun show!

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