Tree-Tagging Davis! CCUH -- Dave Fujino (7/5/18)

The Tree-Tagging project in Davis and on campus was a joint venture with many partners.  Initiated by the UCD Arboretum, it was the product of aeverl UCD students' interest in sharing with the community the benefits of trees to our life and our world.  Ther created and placed dozens of "tree tag" around campus and downtown.  Look for these large signs hanging on some trees. Because it is summer break, the UCD students were not available to talk with. So I asked some of the partners is the project to come and tell us about their organizations.  (Today is CCUH, next week is Tree Davis.)

CCUH is the California Center for Urban Horticulture, a program at UC Davis directed by Dave Fujino and Eileen Hollett. The instigate projects by finding partners across the spectrum and encouraging others to share their enthusiasm for urban forest. Their official website says: "Our mission is to present workshops and programs, in addition to working on initiatives that promote scientific research and the exchange of science-based principles and practices that protect resources and enhances ecosystems in the urban environment in California."

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