That's Tree Davis -- times three

Tree Davis was well represented today with THREE voices!  Executive director Erin Donley Marineau brought along program manager Michelle Blair Medeiros and boardmember Greg McPherson to explain the goals, roles, and projects of this non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance and expand the urban forest by teaching people to plant and care for trees.  "Trees and people need each other to survive in an urban environment. Trees benefit people in many ways. They shade our homes, clean our air and water, help to feed us, provide shelter, and much more. But trees need people too! It takes a community to plant and care for an urban forest. Tree Davis has been educating volunteers on how to plant, prune, care, and monitor trees for over twenty years."

Listen today to find out how they are doing, what their currrent projects are, and hear plans for our future.   YOU TOO can help with this important and rewarding work.  Come to one event to help plant a tree; volunteer on an ongoing basis; support the efforts some other way way that you want; or just enjoy the trees around you.  It's all good.

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