That's Housing Help

Today's guests are Roberto Jimenez from Mutual Housing California and Lisa Baker from Yolo Housing. We hear about the state of housing in Davis and in our region generally -- finding out percentages of home ownership, rental, and homelessness.  Did you know that MOST people in California RENT rather than own their own home?  Houses, duplexes and aprtments are all part of the rental landscape; and affording to live in one is a challenge for many people.  

Yolo Housing assists with getting folks into homes by means of stipends, grants, and connections.  They also arrange for people to get needed services thru other agencies.  This organization (a separate entity that works closely with the Yolo County) has a broad focus on keeping track of what the housing needs exist in Yolo county and helping to make things better in many different ways.  Education, support, and even some rental units are a few ways they help.

Mutual Housing California is more narrowly focussed. It is a non-profit that builds and manages apartment projects to provide low-cost housing on a permanent basis. It was created by the merging of two former groups from Davis and Sacramento, and most the their current housing projects are in this area.  MHC also offers support for their residents in other ways -- helping them find jobs, childcare, and other programs.

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