Sherman Stein's 'Survival Guide for Outsiders' -- plus music collage

Part I: Sherman Stein, author of “Survival Guide for Outsiders: Learn to protect yourself from politicians, experts, and other insiders”, joined us today.  Lois read aloud the first chapter of the book titled "The Journey" which provides an overview of the book's contents as well as the author's many years of exploration that culminated in this writing.  From his initial response to the threat of nuclear bombs in the 1980s, to his reflections on "who should decide", thru his analysis of how the world actually works -- he has transformed his personal inner journey to writing out this warning tome for all of us. Insider or outsider, there are words of caution for everyone. Sherman Stein is a mathematician and long-time Davis activist.

Part II: A collage of music by some of my favorite performers -- Margie Adam, Judy Fjell, and John Denver.


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