Mar 30th, a day of jazz and rambling...

A day of jazz and general rambling...

“I’m Gonna Go Fishin’” by Duke Ellington

“What Can I Say?” by Peggy Lee

Giuffrey and Jim Hall

The Davis Wiki (one the first local Wikis anywhere) is maintained entirely by users and hosts tons of information about Davis. You can check it out at All kinds of events and local happenings are captured here and an archive is built in the process. Lois talks about all kinds of interesting tidbits one can find on the site. It is a great resource for locals and visitors alike.

Next week, April 6th, is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI. Mel, a retired Yolo County archivist, will be talking about the state of affairs in Yolo County during this time. She will be talking on April 6th about the first day of the war and what was happening here. From April 2017-November 2018 she will be giving presentations and talking publicly about WWI in the community—mostly at libraries in the area.

Next Friday and Saturday (March 7 & 8), bulky items can be brought in for disposal.  Nothing hazardous such as paints, pesticides and the like; but electronics, toilets, furnishing, and such can be dropped off at the Davis Waste Removal offices and facility on 2nd street, near the railroad tracks. There is also a reuse area where other folks can grab items they need — furniture, couches, etc. So if you need something or you need to be rid of something ... check it out!

Jeff Peterson’s- “Hotel Street”

Lois explains the concept of ‘alternate shows’ on radio. The live shows that programmers braodcast are recorded [archived] every time they are on air, and if there is a day when a programmer cannot 'go live' — they can tell the computer to play a pre-recorded or archived show in place of a live one. She also mentioned other shows on KDRT such as “Third Streaming”, a jazz and classical music mashup, on 3-4pm Fridays.

The Whole Earth Festival takes place on Mother’s Day* weekend in May at the UCD Quad. Lois talks about the event and her role in it over the years. You can learn more about this year's WEF at their website: In 2017, the event will be on May 12-14. Stop by to check out live music, food and drink, craft sellers, and lots of wonderful people congregating on the UC Davis campus.  WEF is always free; family-friendly; on a campus that is alcohol, tobacco, and drug-free.  Wonderful food is available from a wide assortment of food booths, and is served on WEF's re-useable dishes.  WEF tries to be "zero-waste" -- so please bring your own water bottle to refill on the Quad and pack out whatever you pack in. PS: *Mother’s Day is always the 2nd Sunday in May.

“Caravan” – Duke Ellington

“Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You” – Lorrain Miller

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