Listening Lyrics Nov 7th, 2014 with Joel daniels of THE HOOTS

The Hoots, Joel Daniels, Listening Lyrics, KDRT, pieter pastoorJoel Daniel of The Hoots, is our guest this week. Children music can be tricky to say the least but The Hoots have found the right formula. The Hoots play children's oriented music rooted in folk, Americana, and rock. The songs, with their catchy melodies and fun themes, are familiar, yet unique. It is music that kids love and their parents more than tolerate! Visit the HOOTS at

Short YouTube of Joel perform in the KDRT studio

Some of the awards The Hoots have been honored to receive:

- Winner of a 2013 Parent's Choice Award;

- Winner of a 2013 Family Choice Award; 

- Winner of a 2013 Parent Tested Parent Approved Award; 

- Winner of a 2013 Creative Child Award; 

- Winner of a 2013 Tillywig Toy Company Award; 

- Featuring the song Bumble a Top 5 Winner of the 2013 Great 

American Song Contest;

- Featuring the song Clap Your Hands, a Semi-Finalist in the 2013 International Songwriting Competition (over 15,000 entries).