Listening Lyrics Nov 21st, 2014 with Peter Holden

peter holden, listening lyrics, kdrt, pieter pastoorA rocker visied LISTENING LYRICS - listen in to one fun hour with PETER HOLDENPeter Holden is a San Francisco based pop/acoustic/rock musician who’s performed in California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and Connecticut to name a few states. His debut EP “The Athens & Other Stories” came out in June of 2013. The album is available on virtually every download site online. A second EP simply titled “EP#2” will be released for digital download soon. Peter’s sound is reminiscent of Matchbox Twenty, The Goo Goo Dolls, Jimmy Eat World, and the Gin Blossoms.  Peter grew up all over the country traveling with his military Father and Family. Every place Peter lived became a part in his music. Whether it’s the soon too be released “Anywhere California” or “Wasted Youth,” from “The Athens & Other Stories.” Give Peter a listen and you’ll no doubt have his songs in your head for days.

Short video of Peter Holden in the studio

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