Listening Lyrics Jun 6th, 2014 with TWO TRACK MIND

When I saw TWO TRACK MIND perform I knew I had to have them on the show - Six months later the dream comes true. Listen now to two very talented musicians.

Two Track Mind is the new musical duo featuring the amazing Matt Rowley and the incomparable Brian Souders.

Matt Rowley is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, composer and teacher who lives in the Sacramento area. His solo performances include electronic augmentation and improvisation creating a dynamic and exciting performance that includes material spanning 5 decades and many different styles and influences including his own compositions and interpretations of well-known and not-so-well-known songs.

Brian Souders is a harmonica player, vocalist, and percussionist with a love for raw blues and sounds from the streets. His solo performance includes a loop-station and several octaves of harmonicas along with hand shakers and stomp boxes to create a fusion of funk blues and beats referred to as harp-boxing. Brian's combination of these elements with improvisation and precision playing is truly exiting.

Together “Two Track Mind” perform a very well rounded and engaging package of Rock, blues, folk, gospel and jazz that keeps their audience well entertained and waiting to see what happens next!.

Click to view a short GoPro clip of TWO TRACK MIND in the KDRT studio 

Thank you JUSTIN COX for helping out as my cohost this week