KDRT, DMA, DCTV, funding low-power radio, and media-related stories on That's Life

On today’s episode of “That’s Life”, Lois chatted with Autumn Labbe-Renault, the Executive Director of Davis Media Access (DMA), of which KDRT is a project. Autumn might also be referred to as the le grande fromage – French for, the big cheese! Autumn and Lois talked about DMA, DCTV, & KDRT in detail — this is a great episode if you’re looking for more information about the inner workings of Davis' public radio and television. They also discussed media literacy (what it means in 2017 and how the term has changed over the years); copyright and ownership of content developed through DMA;  and the mission of DMA — which is to provide a way for community members to speak up and have a voice.  In addition to programs made locally, KDRT airs some syndicated shows.  These shows are selected to fill in gaps that are unmet by more commercial radio stations.  And it works the other way also! Some locally-produced shows are aired by other stations across the county. For example, the show “How She Really Does It” explores topics related to women — careers, work/life balance and the like— and is produced at KDRT by our own Koren Motekaitis: https://kdrt.org/programs/how-she-really-does-it.

Today’s episode ended as it began, with a joint request to listeners to support KDRT however they can.  So feel free to donate at https://kdrt.org/donate !

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