Davisville, May 8, 2017: Troop 1999 Ditched Their Screens Every Night for a Week

So, how many hours have you spent today being entertained by images on your phone or laptop? Maybe more than you know or want. Today’s guests have a remedy for that—they decided to turn off their screens each weeknight for a week at 6 p.m., and invited others in Davis to do the same. Today five of the members of Davis Girl Scout Troop 1999, all 10 to 11 years old, and parent leader Jacqui Alldritt (in the back), talk about how the experience changed them, the response from friends and classmates, and the value of looking away from YouTube so you can do something else. They played with friends, read, talked and spent time talking with their families. Some have dogs who were happy to get their attention back!