Davisville, May 14, 2018: What's it like to be mayor of Davis? Or the mayor’s spouse?

If we want a city council that represents the people who live here, then we need people who’ll give their time, effort and skills to serve on it. Candidates with political ambitions or appetites might get a career out of the work, but the citizen council member -- what's the reward for them? What's the cost? And because in a marriage the important experiences of one partner are also felt, in some fashion, by the other partner, then what’s the experience for the spouse? Today's guests are Robb and Nancy Davis. Four years ago, Robb ran his only campaign for the council, came in first, stepped up to mayor two years ago, and now completes his term this summer. On today’s show Robb and Nancy discuss how the experience affected them, and their comments include a candid explanation of why he didn’t want a second term.

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