Davisville, July 10, 2017: Catching Up with Firefall Co-Founder Rick Roberts

Rick Roberts was about 20 when he went to Los Angeles, looking to make his name in music—and he succeeded. In 1970 he was invited to join a country/rock band with an odd name but great musical genetics, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and then in the mid-1970s he co-founded Firefall, writing several of its hits (including “You Are the Woman” and “Just Remember I Love You”) over the next half-dozen years.

Now, decades later, we talk with him about his life from the Burritos until today, including the dormant years, alcoholism, other musical ventures, a head injury he writes about in his book Lame Brain, his recovery, his persistence, and his return to performing. He shares a few stories behind his songs and talks about playing again as a solo act.

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