Davisville, Dec. 3, 2018: Robin Affrime helped build CommuniCare into a significant Yolo healthcare asset

CommuniCare, which began as the Davis Free Clinic in the 1970s, provides primary healthcare and related services to about 10 percent of Yolo County’s population. If people can’t pay, they still get care. How did a clinic that used to fit in a converted house downtown grow into a set of healthcare centers that are critically important to local healthcare? Robin Affrime is part of the answer. She was CEO of CommuniCare for 19 years until retiring this fall, after starting there as a volunteer 35 years ago. On today’s Davisville she talks about CommuniCare, what it does, how it grew, the role it plays in local healthcare, and offers her ideas on how she’d approach the perennial problem in U.S. healthcare: how to pay for it all.

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