Davisville, June 27, 2016: Kindling a Startup Culture That Would Make Sense for Davis

Kari Rundquist is the new chief executive of Davis Roots, a 4-year-old nonprofit that helps fledgling companies get started in Davis—it's a Silicon Valley kind of ambition, except based here. The idea is that if these companies emerge and grow in Davis, they will add jobs, opportunity, money, and variety to the local economy. 

"We have an opportunity to create commerce for entrepreneurs, and for innovation, and for economic development, sort of on our own terms," she says. The opportunity is often based on research that emerges from UC Davis. "So much of the science coming out of the university is really inspiring, altruistic kinds of science," she adds, "[and] is very aligned with our kind of community values." On today’s program she talks about the possibilities ahead.