Cooperatives and Davis

Co-ops are GREAT! And Davis has lots of them.  Today we hear from Kim Coontz, executive director for the California Center for Cooperative Development (CCCD) about coöperatives in general and housing coöps in detail.

The Davis Food Coop is only one of many co-operatives we have in town. And only one KIND of coöp common in California.  Ag coöps and housing coöps are the most prevalent.  Worker-owned businessed are also common.

CCCD is a non-profit organization which promotes the creation of co-ops and helps folks who are setting up or running one.  A great group.

Did you notice that I have spelled that word five different ways so far?  Wikipedia says: "The  diaeresis [¨] diacritic mark is purely of English origin. The second of two vowels in a hiatus can be marked with a diaeresis (or "tréma") – as in words such as coöperative, daïs and reëlect –- but its use has become less common, sometimes being replaced by the use of a hyphen [or omitted entirely]."  I usually include the diaeresis -- especially in the short form, as seeing "housing coops" makes me think of chickens.


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